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Custom Woodworking to Your Standards

A Sure Sign & Design offers custom woodworking along with knowledgeable wood restoration services in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. While we specialize in wooden signs, cards, and lettering, you shouldn't feel limited. When it comes to graphic design and woodworking, we can bring practically any idea to life. Use logos, fine gold leaf, and hand lettering to make your mural or project your own.

Sign Creation/Wood Painting

Custom Woodworking

After more than three decades doing this work, we have the ability to provide clients with completely customized woodwork and carpentry projects. For small items that are shippable, we can tackle almost anything for clients anywhere. Larger carpentry needs are limited to local clients within 50 miles of our location.

Restoration & Renovation

If you have a sign for your business that has seen better days or has experienced damage of some kind, come to A Sure Sign & Design. We fix carved signs that have incised or extruding 3D images or letters and restore the quality of the wood itself when possible. Our crew is acquainted with many methods and solvents that can help to bring back that brand new look your sign once had. Scrapping and painting is also available for aged signs.